2012 NBA Preseason Recap

October 29th, 2012

By Jonathan Gordon


30 teams. 30 facts. Wrapping up the 2012 NBA Pre-season in a short, simple way.



*All stats do not include the 2011 preseason, which was shortened to two games because of the lockout.


1.      Los Angeles Lakers went 0-8. 


2.     The last two teams to go winless in preseason were the Miami Heat (0-7 in 2007) and the Charlotte Bobcats (0-8 in 2008).  During their respective seasons, the two teams combined to go 50-114 (.304).


3.     For the first time since the 2007 preseason, no team went undefeated.


4.     The Toronto Raptors and the Philadelphia 76ers finished with the best records at 6-1 (.857). The teams combined to go 58-74 last year (.439). 


5.     The Boston Celtics did not win the Atlantic Division for the first time since 2008.


6.     The Southwest Division did not have a team with a losing record.


7.     Minnesota Timberwolves finished with the highest point differential (+11.6 points per game).


8.     Los Angeles Lakers finished with the lowest point differential (-15.3 points per game).


9.     That is the worst preseason point differential in the 21st century.


10.  Houston Rockets led all teams with 103.9 PPG.


11.  New Orleans Hornets scored the fewest points per game (84.4).


12.  Minnesota Timberwolves led all teams with 80.9 PAG.


13.  Orlando Magic gave up the most points per game (104).


14.  Indiana Pacers were the only team with a winning record (.571) and negative point differential (-1.0).


15.  Carmelo Anthony (NY) and Kobe Bryant (LAL) led all scorers with 20.4 PPG.


16.  Chris Paul (LAC) led all players with 8.8 assists per game.


17.  Dwight Howard (LAL) led all players with 3.0 blocks per game.


18.  Omer Asik (HOU) led all players with 11.6 rebounds per game.


19.  Joakim Noah (CHI) was the only player to average a double-double with 10.4 PPG and 10.1 RPG.
Note: Dwight Howard was not eligible because he missed the first five games.


20.  Joe Johnson (ATL) led all players with 32.8 minutes per game.


21.  Chris Copeland’s (NY) 34 points against the Celtics was the largest game-high total.


22.  The Western Conference finished a combined 61-51 (.544).


23.  The Eastern Conference finished a combined 53-57 (.481).


24.  The Western Conference only had 3 teams with negative point differentials.


The Eastern Conference had 9 teams with negative point differentials.


26.  9 teams were undefeated at home.


27.  Only 2 teams were undefeated on the road.


 NBA teams were 8-2 against non-NBA teams.


Boston Celtics lost to Istanbul 97-91.


30.   Dallas Mavericks lost to FC Barcelona 99-85.