Meyers Leonard








After a strong summer playing for Team USA, Meyers Leonard has come out his sophomore season looking like a legitimate NBA prospect. Leonard’s talent has stood out along with his solid production throughout the season.


On offense Leonard has shown to be a capable finisher around the rim with his combination of touch, size and athleticism. He doesn’t have a well refined post game but he looks like he can develop one down the road. Leonard also has shown the ability to potentially develop into a reliable jump-shooter from the mid-range. Right now he is getting by mostly on offense by his agility, mobility and impressive physical frame and looks to be a bit of a project to develop into a reliable, back-to-the-basket player.


Defensively, Leonard has the physical tools to be a very good defensive player. The key for Leonard will be to play tougher down low as well as be alert mentally. He shows the length to bother bigs down-low and has enough agility to guard pick-and-rolls/guards on switches, but will need to put a greater emphasis on the mental aspect to be a good defender.  His rebounding has improved from last year and his shot-blocking skills have been apparent as well.


Overall, Leonard has the combination of skills and physical abilities that will have GMs very intrigued with his potential. Leonard is a good kid and has talent; the key for him will be working on his weaknesses and showing more of an edge on the court.


Rank                  26th Overall (6th C)

Projection           Mid-Late teens

Strengths           Good touch around the rim

                         Excellent combination of athleticism and his frame

                         Good rebounder/shot-blocker

Weaknesses        Focus/Concentration

                         Not a polished low-post game