Marquis Teague

Marquis Teague PG Kentucky 6'2" 165 lbs 2/28/93

The brother of Atlanta Hawks point guard Jeff Teague, Marquis Teague is following in the family footsteps of being a very talented point guard with first round talent. Marquis was often the catalyst to the Kentucky team this year and looks to be another one of the UK one-and-done players.


Offensively, the biggest thing Teague needs to learn is how to consistently play under control. Oftentimes Teague would play out of control, making him extremely turnover prone. He has shown good point guard skills but still needs to improve in this area. The biggest strength for Teague offensively is his quickness and is his ability to get into the lane. He is much more of a slasher than he is a shooter at this point, with his outside shot being just average.


Teague can be a very good and disruptive defender when he is dialed in. The question isn't whether he has the tools or not, it's whether he can consistently give a good effort defensively. The same athletic tools that play to his strengths on offense, play to his strength on defense where he has the potential to be a very good on-ball defender. He has already shown flashes of this in his college career but will need to have a sustained effort in order to be an effective NBA defender.


Teague is a very talented point guard that needs to learn to play under control and play with more consistency. He has the talent to be a starter in the NBA but will need some time to develop and mature before a team can trust him to run their team, night-in and night-out. Due to this being a weak point guard class, his stock could get pushed up into the 1st round if he can string together good individual workouts with NBA teams.


Ranking         43rd Overall (5th PG)

Projection      Late 1st round/Early 2nd round

Strengths      Very good athlete

                    Adept at penetrating and getting into the lane

                    Flashes potential to be a very good defender

Weaknesses   Consistency

                    Playing under control

                    Streaky shooter