Asalan Kazemi

PF Oregon 6'9" 228 lbs 4/22/90



9.4 PPG          10.0 RPG        1.4 APG          2.0 SPG           59.5 FG%       67.5 FT%




Overview: Kazemi thrived during his one season at Oregon after transferring from Rice following his Junior season. Despite playing the small forward role for the Ducks, he was one of the nation's leading rebounders, averaging double digit rebound totals for his third consecutive years. His scoring numbers and shot attempts dipped this season but that was due in large part to playing on a much more balanced team. Despite his size, he doesn't have much of a perimeter skill set which will work against him. He's hoping to convince an NBA team that he can be a Dejaun Blair or Jason Maxiell type of player, a guy who despite being undersized can still rebound effectively.


To say that Kazemi is limited offensively would be an understatement. Kazemi's output on the offensive end is limited basically to putbacks, cutting towards the hoop, shots in the paint, and free throws. He's getting a little bit better in the post as he's starting to develop a few basic moves like baby hook shots and his touch on those shots is improving. His moves in the post though rely heavily on strength, which he will lack relative to post players in the NBA. He has nearly no range on his jumpshot. His jumper has decent mechanics but Kazemi doesn't even attempt shots outside of the paint. He's never been a good free throw shooter either, which doesn't bode well for his jumpshot's potential moving forward. He does a good job off the ball with high energy movement. He cuts often and is a very willing screener which does help his team on offense. Despite not being a scoring threat, he's very willing to do the little things to try and help his team on offense. Another aspect of his game that's completely limited is his ball handling skills. He will never be able to break down a defender and get into the lane. His best bet at the NBA level would be to continue to add bulk and refine his post skills. If he adds bulk and can play with the same energy level, he could be a player who thrives as a high energy guy scoring on effort plays around the hoop.


Defensively, Kazemi is a bit better than he is on the offensive end of the court. His energy and awareness are huge assets to him. He plays very well within a team defensive scheme and knows when and how to rotate in order to provide help for his teammates. He is willing to play physically in the post which is always a plus, but if he plays the power forward spot in the NBA, he will need to develop more bulk and strength as some of the stronger college players were able to establish deep post position around the blocks on him. He's deceptively athletic and while his lateral quickness isn't great, he does a good job of hedging on screens when he's involved in defending a high pick and roll scenario. He can stay with a guy on the perimeter for a little while, but quicker offensive players will have no problem if he gets caught on them on a switch. His best asset though is his ability to rebound. He's been one of the best in the country on the boards in each of his 4 years in the NCAA. He establishes solid position, is eager to box out, and has great anticipation skills. He jumps up to meet the ball consistently with two hands which helps him secure possession, and he throws solid outlet passes after the board to help his team get into transition.


Overall, Kazemi is hoping that a team will see the successes of a Kenneth Faried type player in Denver and deem that he is worth taking a shot on. He has a very limited offensive game; his scoring opportunities only exist in the paint off of effort plays. That said, he's sound defensively, and a very intelligent player who can scheme effectively around his own limitations. He's probably worthy of a mid to late second round pick to take a flyer on. Rebounding always translates well to the NBA, but Kazemi needs to bulk up or develop perimeter skills in order to have a legitimate rebounding presence in the NBA. He could be a solid D-League candidate for a year if a team is willing to be patient.




Key Strengths:

·      Kazemi rebounds extremely well for his size. He hits the boards aggressively every time a shot goes up.

·      His defense is pretty good; he averaged 2 steals per game this season, primarily from reading and knowing when to pounce into passing lanes.

·      He is deceptively athletic; he has spurts of explosiveness that can help him get above the rim for putbacks.


Areas to Improve:


·      He has no real way to create a shot for himself on offense. He is extremely limited on that end of the court.

·      He is a tweener forward who will really need to bulk up more if he wants to battle down low in the post.

·      His lateral quickness could use some work in order to help him stay in front of his matchup if he's pulled up onto the wing.