Reggie Bullock

SG North Carolina 6’6” 185 lbs 3/16/91



Overview: Although he was one of the more unheralded Tar Heels this year, Reggie Bullock may have the brightest NBA future ahead of him out of Roy Williams' squad. Bullock is a tenacious defender with a great three point shot who already fits the mold of a prototypical "3 and D" wing player at the NBA level. NBA teams covet this type of role player and for that reason, despite some of his flaws on the offensive end of the court, he will garner NBA interest if he decides to declare for the draft this year.


Bullock's offensive game begins and ends with his fantastic jumpshot. Bullock has NBA range on his jumper and has developed a reputation as one of the best lights-out shooters in the NCAA. This season, he shot 44% on roughly 6 three pointers per game; he cannot be left alone on defense and his presence stretches the floor for his teammates. His stroke is good and he has a very quick release; he should have no problem getting his shot off at the NBA level, even with bigger, more athletic defenders around him. He's at his absolute best spotting up or coming off of a screen. With his size, release, and quickness, it doesn't take much daylight off of a screen for him to get a quality shot attempt. He doesn't have much of a pullup game, which is certainly an area for him to improve upon. He's also an unselfish player offensively. His assist totals have climbed to 2.9 dimes per game, double the assist total that he put up in his sophomore campaign. He also doesn't force ill-advised shots. The downside of this is that sometimes he can disappear on offense for extended periods of time. The Tarheels have many options on offense and there are stretches of games where Bullock roams around the arc, not doing much else to be an offensive factor. While he's a great shooter and a decent passer, his ball handling needs a lot of work. Bullock doesn't have any true ball handling moves. He can occasionally bull his way to the hoop against smaller defenders, but that won't translate as well to the NBA level. Bullock's left handed dribble is a liability; he's not great with his right either, but he really can't generate any offense going left. Because of his lack of handle, he can't really generate offense for himself, which means he'll likely never be an isolation threat. He also doesn't get to the line very often. Bullock could do himself a lot of favors by tirelessly working on his handle this offseason.


Defensively, Bullock has scouts extremely excited. Bullock has good size for a wing player and is versatile to defend any of the three perimeter positions. As a result, the Tarheels typically put Bullock on their opponent's best offensive threat. Bullock has tremendous lateral quickness, which allows him to seal off his matchup's access to the hoop. He has active hands on defense and can get into the passing lanes with ease. Bullock plays smart, disciplined defense and doesn't gamble often. He doesn't get beaten off the dribble very often, but on the rare occasion where he does, he recovers quickly. He consistently gives high effort on the defensive end of the court and doesn't mind getting physical with his matchup. Lastly, he defends without fouling. He averaged only 1.4 fouls per game this season. All of his defensive attributes project well to the NBA level. While he's a good defender now, adding some bulk could transform him into an elite defender. One area to work on is his rebounding. He pulls down a high rebounding total for his position due to his athleticism and size but can often get beaten out for boards because he doesn't always look to box out when a shot goes up, instead preferring to go for the board or leak out.


Overall, Bullock looks like a guy who could step in and be a role player in the NBA right away. He has some offensive deficiencies that will limit his ability to become a bonafide go to scorer but his jumpshot is lethal and defenses will be forced to honor it. He may never be a superstar but his skill set isn't very far off from a guy like Thabo Sefolosha with more athleticism, who just about every team would love to have. While his draft declaration decision is up in the air, he could be a good get late in the first round or an outright steal if he falls to the second round, should he come out.




Key Strengths:


  • Bullock is a tremendous shooter with deep range. He can stretch the floor and space it out for his teammates.
  •  He is an unselfish player with improving passing abilities. Bullock typically takes high quality shots and doesn't force the issue. He plays well within a team game.
  • He has good size and athleticism for his position on the wing.
  •   His defense and lateral quickness are tremendous. He can step in and defend right away in the NBA with his tenacity.


Areas to Improvea

  • Bullock can't do much offensively off the dribble, especially left-handed. He doesn't get to the line because of this. He is an amazing shooter but his ball handling is limiting him from becoming a great scorer
  • Bullock should look to add some bulk to become a more physical defender, especially when he starts matching up with the more powerful small forwards in the NBA.
  • He can disappear offensively for stretches of the game, but this could be a function of the talent on the UNC roster.
  • He needs to become a more fundamental rebounder. Added emphasis on his boxing out would go a long way to help him pull down more boards.