BJ Young


BJ Young


Arkansas Razorbacks                               Sophomore                                 Shooting Guard #11


6' 3"    175 pounds                                   19 Years Old                                         Florissant, MO



Overview: Young is one of the most intriguing NBA prospects in the SEC. Young is an extremely young and athletic tweener guard that has some serious NBA potential. Young is a phenomenal scorer for the Razorbacks; he can shoot lights out from the field. He has a very quick first step which allows him to get to the hoop and score. Despite his smaller stature, Young does a good job of absorbing contact around the hoop and squaring up and adjusting midair to create the easiest possible shot for himself. Young does a great job shooting the rock despite his interesting shorter shot motion, which helps him get his shot off quickly. He does well scoring when he puts the ball on the floor as well and can quickly pullup for an effective jumper or fadeaway. When looking towards the next level, Young will need to look to improve his floor general abilities. Right now, Young plays off the ball a lot but due to his small size, may be better suited improving his point guard skills and becoming a scoring point guard at the next level. Young has a very good hesitation move when driving to the hoop but will want to improve upon some of his other moves in order to gain a better variety of ways to beat stronger defenders off of the dribble. Young will also want to work on his left handed dribbling as the majority of his moves come from attacking to the right side.

 Defensively, Young isn't quite there yet. His explosiveness, length, athleticism, and high motor make him a player with all of the defensive potential in the world. Young plays very active defense and it is evident that he isn't just mailing it in on that side of the ball. He does a great job when he decides to come down and help his big men double the ball in the post. Young's main deficiency is his wiry frame. A defender as lanky as he is will certainly get pushed around at the shooting guard position; Young should look to bulk up and add muscle before heading to the next level. Young can also improve his defense by gambling less often. Many NBA defenders gamble a ton so it won't be held too much against him but to become a more complete defender, he should look to stay at home and be a bit more conservative. Added strength should help with that so he doesn't feel like he needs to gamble to make defensive plays.

 Overall, Young has a lot of physical gifts that most teams would kill for. He is young, plays hard, and is extremely athletic. He can score from anywhere on the floor but needs to develop a bit more consistency. Young's current size would make him a classic tweener guard in the NBA. Another year to polish his game in college would greatly benefit him. Added muscle and some improved ball handling and court vision could turn him into a very successful scoring point guard at the NBA level.


Key Strengths:


·      Young is extremely athletic. He has speed, quickness, and vertical explosiveness that any NBA Draft prospect would desire. This gives him tremendous defensive potential at the next level once he bolsters his fundamentals on defense.


·      Young can flat out shoot the basketball. While his 3 point percentage has fallen off a lot this year, this is more a function of defenses keying in on him as well as his team's tendency to get him the ball in less than ideal shot clock situations. His shot is shorter in length than most and he doesn't have the prototypical high release point that many shooting guards have, it works for him.


·      Young has a really great hesitation move that freezes defenders when he drives to the hoop. Because he has such a good, quick pullup jumper, opposing defenders need to pick their poison with him. Young can pullup quickly and score, or hesitate and get to the rim.


·      Young seems to really understand angles and squaring up to the basket. He can take unconventional angles to the hoop and still finds a way to contort his body in the air to get the ideal, squared up angle to the hoop. Which helps him finish around the hoop.


·      Young has a ton of potential given all of his gifts and can be lethal once he fine tunes his understanding of the game.


Areas to Improve:


·      Young is extremely thin and wiry. He has trouble when matched up or guarded by much stronger defenders, it is easy for them to push him off of his spot. He also has some difficulty fighting through screens on defense. Some added muscle would be extremely beneficial.


·      He currently is a tweener guard. His frame will always make him undersized at shooting guard and he needs to develop more point guard skills.


·      Young is unselfish with the basketball which is a plus, but there are times where he should be more assertive rather than simply standing in the corners to spot shoot.


·     He needs to learn how to play at different paces. He plays a very good quick game but sometimes gets ahead of himself and his teammates which leads to costly turnovers, typically travels.


·      Improved court vision and ball handling with his physical gifts, shooting ability, and unselfish demeanor could turn him into a really intriguing point guard prospect.