Seth Curry

SG Duke
6’2” 170 lbs 8/23/90



17.1 PPG          2.2 RPG          1.6 APG          1.3 TOPG          45.8 FG%               43.5 3 Point%




Overview: Curry has been one of the more underrated players in the NCAA this year. Mason Plumlee has gotten many of the accolades for Duke, and deservedly so, but Curry has been a security blanket for Duke. The team turns to Curry when they're on the ropes and he often prevents them from getting into further trouble. This has been extremely helpful for Duke in Ryan Kelly's absence. Curry has played multiple roles for the Blue Devils in his career; last season he split the ball handling duties with Austin Rivers but this year with Quinn Cook's emergence, Curry plays off the ball more often.


Offensively, Curry is great scorer for the Blue Devils. Although he doesn't get as much attention as his older brother Stephen did at Davidson, Curry is a great shooter with very deep shooting range. Curry has proven that he can hit a few threes quickly to either help the Blue Devils cut into a lead or pull away from an opponent. Curry has good ball handling skills which makes him a deadly scorer in the isolation setting. Curry has worked well to develop a very solid pullup jumper where he elevates quickly and quickly releases the ball. Curry also has a very nice stepback jumpshot which he can create space for with either a crossover or a between the legs dribble. Although he's playing more off the ball this season, Curry is a great decision maker when he's running the pick and roll. Curry also does good work getting to the paint and taking a floater. He could use some work with the left hand dribble to become more versatile but his right handed attack moves are very good. He is an extremely high IQ basketball player who understands how to run an offense. Curry is a master of understanding the pace of the game and doesn't hesitate to pull the ball back out top to reorganize the Blue Devils' offense when the pace gets too hectic. Curry can play at various paces but never plays at a pace that the rest of his teammates can't play at which makes him appealing as a floor general.


Curry is a decent defender at Duke. When he plays the shooting guard position for the Blue Devils, he is undersized compared to most shooting guards. Curry makes up for that with tremendous intensity, focus, and effort. As with a lot of other Duke defenders, his focus and positioning makes him a great help defender in a team defense setting and he's repeatedly shown that he isn't afraid to sacrifice his body to take a charge when he rotates over to help his teammates on defense. Curry lacks ideal athleticism and quickness at the guard position at the next level. He doesn't exacerbate this problem by excessively gambling on defense; he plays a conservative style when defending his man. While Curry has repeatedly shown that he is engaged and active on defense, when heading to the NBA level, his lack of size, speed, and quickness would make him a liability when defending bigger 2 guards.


Overall, he has been a tremendous contributor to the Blue Devil program since transferring from Liberty. Curry has shown last year that he is willing to take on ball handling and distribution duties. He is a great shooter with a high basketball intelligence who understands and excels at the unheralded parts of the game like manipulating tempo. His size likely limits him to be a point guard or an extremely small combo guard at the next level but with his work ethic and intangibles, he's a hard player to bet against.




Key Strengths:


·      Curry is a tremendous shooter. He's taking more three point attempts per game this season than in any of his other seasons at Duke and is also shooting his highest career percentage. It doesn't take much of an opening for him to get his shot off. According to ESPN, Curry's advanced scoring efficiency statistic has risen every year he's been in college.


·      He does great work either in isolation or pick and roll settings. When isolated, he has a few quick dribble attack moves that can get him to his preferred spot on the floor. In the pick and roll scenarios, he almost always makes the correct decision. He can punish defenders for going underneath on the screen by draining a pullup jumpshot or he can distribute the ball to his teammates.


·      He is an underrated playmaker. Curry is unselfish as a player and plays a team-oriented game. His assist totals have fallen this season due to Quinn Cook's emergence as the primary ball handler and distributor for Duke. While he played a bit out of his natural position last season, trading off ball handling duties with Austin Rivers, he understands how to set the tempo and create for his teammates. He understands how to play and how to create momentum or take away his opponents' momentum with his decision making on the court.


Areas to Improve:


·      Curry will want to develop a dribbling move or two to his left side to maximize the spaces on the floor he can score from in a given scenario.


·      Curry will need to continue to hone his ball handling and distribution skills because due to his size, his best chance in the NBA is as a point guard rather than a shooting guard.


·      Defensively, Curry isn't blessed with ideal athleticism or explosiveness. While he's been able to overcome that at Duke with intense focus and alertness, in the NBA, offensive players will only be more athletic relative to Curry. Because of this, he'll need to continue to maintain great defensive positioning and defensive IQ while working on his explosiveness.