Kenny Kadji

Kenny Kadji

Miami Hurricanes SeniorCenter#35

6'11"242 Pounds24 Years OldFrom: Duola, Cameroon

12.9 PPG6.8 RPG1.3 BPG0.8 APG47.1 FG%66.1 FT%


Overview: Kadji is one of the most unique players entering the upcoming NBA Draft. Kadji is a legitimate stretch four with some added athleticism that boosts his potential. He can score from a lot of different places on the floor and is a pretty good defensive player. The biggest thing that will detract from Kadji's draft stock is his age. He is a 24 year old senior, who will be 25 by draft night, who sat out two years in college, one for transferring from Florida to Miami and one for medical reasons. 


On offense, Kadji has tremendous range. His jumpshot already has range past the NBA three point arc and with his size and quickness, it isn't hard for him to shoot over the outstretched arms of even some of the bigger defenders. He took about 4 three pointers per game this season at Miami, making about 35% of them. He has become a more efficient shooter despite the percentage drop because he's taking less long two point jumpers and more threes. Kadji has a nice floater with decent touch which he can get off in the lane with little difficulty due to his height. On the catch, he is a decent ball handler for his size, and can get into the lane with a straight right handed dribble if his matchup over commits and closes out too far to prevent his jumper. His left handed dribble isn't great and he doesn't have many advanced dribbling moves but at his height, he doesn't necessarily need them. Kadji struggles on the block though. When in the post, he tends to panic and move too quickly when he catches the ball, almost as if he's decided which move he wants to make before even gauging where the defender is. He has improving touch around the hoop and his right hook shots and fadeaway jumpers from the post are his best weapons. That said, he isn't very good in the post at going to the hoop. He is a finesse player who shies away from contact, even when he has the size advantage in the post. He doesn't seek out contact very often and shoots a low amount of free throws per game for a player his size, which is especially concerning for a player who is much older and physically mature than a lot of the competition he's facing. He can finish above the rim though; he gets dunks on putbacks and lobs quite often.


Defensively, Kadji is very solid. He has very good lower body strength, which makes it difficult for opposing post players to establish ideal position against him. His length and athleticism make it easy for him to challenge shots without fouling. He has very good timing on his blocks and doesn't typically jump to contest shots until he sees the ball rise up out of his matchup's hands. For this reason, he blocks shots without fouling often and he isn't as susceptible to the pump fake as other shot blockers can be. Off the ball, he communicates well and his lateral quickness really helps his team out in shifting over to play help defense if one of his teammates gets beaten off the dribble.  One area he needs to work on is his rebounding. While his totals jumped by 1.5 boards per game this year, Kadji still doesn't come down with as many rebounds as he should given his size and frame. He's boxing out better and more consistently than he ever has but he still has lapses and at his size at the college level, 6.8 rebounds per game is still a low figure that should arise some concern. 


Overall, Kadji is an intriguing talent. He has great range and athleticism for someone his size. That said, his body of work certainly suggests that he's unwilling to be much other than a face up type of big man. He lacks a lot of the post moves that someone with his size and strength should have developed by now. He can certainly help NBA teams with his defense and midrange to outside scoring. As mentioned before, teams will shy away from him a bit due to his age. If he falls to the second round, he could be a very intriguing player for a team to take a flyer on. 


Key Strengths:

  • Kadji has an ideal NBA body with great athleticism.
  • He has range and could be an ideal pick and pop power forward in the NBA. His presence will draw an opposing team's big man away from the hoop.
  • His quickness and length allow him to have decent baby hook shots around the hoop.
  • When defenders over play his jump shot on closeouts, he has good enough ball handling to get into the lane and shoot a floater with nice touch.
  • His strength makes him a very good low post defender with good timing on his shot blocking attempts.
  • His help defense was very good at Miami.

Areas to Improve:

  • Kadji does not rebound especially well for his size. More attention to boxing out would make him a much better rebounder.
  • Kadji does not draw contact or fouls very often.
  • He is unrefined in the post and has no true move that gets him closer to the hoop even when he has a size advantage.
  • As stated before, he will be 25 by draft night. His stock will fall due to that.