Giannis Adetokunbo

Giannis Adetokunbo

6'9" 209 lbs





If you haven't heard of this 6-foot-10 point guard by now, don't worry, he is the 2013 Bismack Biyombo. Adetokunbo, like Biyombo, has seemingly come out of nowhere to plant himself firmly in the first round after soaring from unknown status earlier in the season. If Adetokunbo stays in the draft, I see his stock soaring based on his youth and upside and expect to see him wind up in the lottery. Adetokunbo has the length and explosion to be a tremendous lockdown defender and demonstrates the skills to be a versatile offensive player as well.


The most attractive aspect of Adetokunbo's game is without a doubt the raw physical gifts he possesses. At just 18, Adetokunbo has a 7'4" wingspan, enormous hands, and explosive athleticism. Filathlikos had hoped to keep Adetokunbo stashed on their junior roster but the young Nigerian sprouted over 3 inches this year and caught the attention of scouts and is now a legitimate prospect. Watching Adetokunbo is Greece it's obvious the competition is not on par with his ability but in the NBA players with his natural tools and skill set are highly coveted because of the unlimited upside that they have.


Offensively, Adetokunbo has mostly played point but project tobe a forward as his body continues to grow and develop. Some have bandied about comparisons to Scottie Pippen which are too lofty but overall Adetokunbo's game is about balance and versatility. Adetokunbo is great in transition and finishing at the rim but has shown good touch and range on his jumper which must continue to develop to succeed at the next level as he can be streaky at times. One area that Adetokunbo must continue to improve is his vision and ball protection as he averages over 1 turnover to every assist.


It's on the defensive end that Adetokunbo looks most promising. With his freakish hands and wingspan Adetokunbo should be a turnover magnet capable of blocking and altering many shots. Another factor in Adetokunbo projecting to be a lockdown defender is his athleticism as he is explosive but moves fluidly as well. As he becomes more experienced and versed in the game of basketball Adetokunbo will become a smarter defender and learn how to anticipate. Longterm Adetokunbo projects to be a plus defender with potential to be a lockdown defender capable of guarding any perimeter position on the court.


In watching several of Adetokunbo's games he disrupts so many shots and deflects many passes in the key but Adetokunbo is far from a finished product on either end of the court. If Adetokunbo is going to blossom into a productive NBA player he must get stronger and it appears his frame can handle more weight. Another concern in Adetokunbo's game is how inexperienced he is. Adetokunbo is still learning the game but like so many international prospects doesn't look to dominate the game despite his natural gifts.


If Adetokunbo arrives in the NBA next season be prepared to see him in the backcourt as teams will try to exploit him by taking him down to the post and bullying him. One reason Adetokunbo is a relative unknown is the fact that he was a undocumented immigrant in Greece and not permitted to play for Nigeria or Greece, both countries now are fighting to secure his services in international competitions going forward. In a draft where there is no clear cut top player and the SF position is extremely thin look for Adetokunbo to be the second SF off the board after Otto Porter and a lottery pick.



  • Physical gifts - Long and lengthy with a frame capable of adding weight.
  • Offensive versatility - Adetokunbo is a better shooter than most raw prospects you see at this point in his development. 
  • High upside - Can be a lockdown defender of multiple positions and a versatile point forward on the offensive end.
  • Athleticism - Explosive yet fluid Adetokunbo is a solid defender who already blocks shots, deflects passes, grabs steals in the lane, and alters shots.


  • Frame is not big enough to handle NBA veterans.
  • Experience - Has never played elite international talent, so how will he respond to the NBA game?
  • Development of his jumper - While not a bad shooter by any means he can be streaky at times. Needs to perfect his shot.
  • Not dominate despite being the most talented player on the court.