Ricardo Ledo

Ricardo Ledo


Providence Friars                             Freshman                           Point Guard/Shooting Guard


6' 6"                    180 Pounds                          20 Years Old                       From: Providence, RI


No College Stats: Has been ruled ineligible for the 2012-13 NCAA season




Overview:  Ricardo Ledo, as a local product, was the most heralded recruit coming into Providence before this NCAA Season. Ledo was ranked as the 6th best recruit in the country coming into the season and his arrival to Providence. ESPN ranked Ed Cooley's recruiting class as the 6th best in the nation. Unfortunately, things haven't gone exactly as planned; Freshman Point Guard Kris Dunn's debut was delayed until December due to a shoulder injury. Even worse for the Friars, before the season started, Ledo was ruled academically ineligible for the season. Ledo was ruled a partial-qualifier this season which means that while he cannot suit up for the Friars in games, he is allowed to practice with the squad. Ledo's academic records had him attending 4 high schools in 5 years. While some speculated that Ledo may try and play in the D League or would enter the draft after this season anyways, Ledo has stated that he will play for the Friars next season. The Providence faithful will be happy to see him compete for the Friars as he brings a lot of ability to the table.


Offensively, Ledo has shown in high school and on the AAU circuit that he can be an elite scorer at any level. He is most effective when the ball is in his hands and he has displayed a deep arsenal of ball handling moves. His signature move is his step back dribble pullup which he can use to create a shot from any place on the floor. His stepback jumper often generates enough space for him to get off an uncontested jump shot but he is also effective with a hand in his face. Ledo is not limited to just being a jump shooter though; he does a great job of keeping a low dribble and penetrating into the lane. He has great size and strength for his position which allows him to seal off his defender and get into the lane after beating his man off the dribble. He already has a very nice floater in his arsenal which he can bust out when he gets into the lane against much bigger defenders. Ledo is also a very intelligent guard who understands how to control the pace of the game; evidence of this can be seen by his elite ability to stop on a dime during his hesitation dribbling move. Coming into college, some scouts noted that he needs to improve his shot selection. Playing at the college level, with more developed talent, may remedy that situation as Ledo may not feel that he needs to take as many shots. In high school, Ledo dominated the ball. When he takes the court next season, he will likely share the backcourt with Kris Dunn. It will be interesting to see how Ledo plays if he's asked to handle the ball less than he ever has and play off the ball. His usage rate may fall and it will be interesting to see whether that affects his productivity.


Defensively, Ledo has all of the tools necessary to be great. He is a very good athlete with great explosiveness and size. Ledo is huge for a point guard but may want to bulk up a tad in order to build more strength to matchup with shooting guards. Due to his size, length, and quickness, he is capable of locking down anyone he faces, however that isn't always the case. Ledo tends to gamble a ton on defense. Occasionally he succeeds and the result is a steal and a highlight in transition; other times he whiffs and leaves his teammates in a 4 on 5 scenario, harming team defense. Ledo has also been criticized for not always appearing to be locked in on the defensive end, especially off the ball, where he is prone to lose his man. The physical gifts are all there and if he can enhance his tendencies, he can become a good defender.


Overall, Ledo is tough to evaluate at the moment given that he doesn't have an NCAA body of work just yet. Coming into college, many regarded Ledo as the best scorer nationally in his high school class. He has a complete offensive game and has the capabilities to take over a game. Defensively, he's got all of the weapons that can make him a force. He simply needs to display more consistent effort and focus. By the time he suits up for the Friars, he will be 21 years old so there shouldn't be worries about him getting pushed around by older college players. All that remains to be seen with Ledo is whether or not his high excellence can be sustained at the college level. Assuming this happens, he has all the makings of a lottery pick if he decides to declare for the draft after his sophomore campaign.