Solomon Hill

Solomon Hill


Arizona Wildcats                  Senior                                    Small Forward                      #44


6'7"                 220 Pounds                            22 Years Old             From: Los Angeles, CA


13.4 PPG        5.3 RPG          2.7 APG          1.1 SPG           45.8 FG%       39.0 3P%




Overview: Hill proved himself to be one of the most important players on the Wildcats team this season. Due to an influx of talented freshman big men, Hill shifted from playing primarily power forward to the small forward role this season and did a quality job with the adjustment. While he's still a tweener forward, his perimeter skills have improved dramatically and he's begun to develop into a wing player, where his frame is more suitable.


On offense, Hill has begun to round his skill set out. He actually handles the ball pretty well given his size; some of his best moves are his spin move, his crossover, and his hesitation move. He does a good job using these moves to get him by his defender and into the lane. He really likes drawing contact once he gets by his matchup. While he doesn't have ideal footspeed or the best first step, he is crafty and uses his frame effectively and efficiently. His moves help him get to his preferred spot on the floor for pullup jumpshot, even though his pullup isn't great. That said, if he's looking to get to the hoop, he's still most effective just on straight power dribbles to use his strength against his matchup. His jumpshot has improved significantly in his four years as a Wildcat; his mechanics have improved a ton and he can consistently make shots if left unattended. His release could still use a bit of improvement though; he takes a while to get his shot off. A quicker release would be huge for his development. When he decides to post up, despite poor foot speed, he has good footwork to get good shots around the hoop. He needs to continue to develop perimeter skills because he will get pushed around in the post against traditional power forwards though.


On defense, Hill does a good job with using positioning effectively in order to overcome his physical deficiencies. He isn't a terribly athletic or quick defender but using high intelligence positioning really helps him. His lateral quickness isn't very good, which means he'll have to become a more physical, bumping defending small forward in the NBA. He has Jared Dudley type potential in terms of the impact he can have on both sides of the ball. That said, quicker swing men will be able to torch him off the dribble unless he gets more athletic and laterally quick before he starts in the league. While he has good footwork on the offensive end while he posts up, his footwork on defense needs work. He's been a solid rebounder throughout his career; even though his rebounding totals have dropped this year, it's because he shifted down positions and Arizona's big men took care of grabbing rebounds. He always looks for a man to seal off before he secures the boards.


Overall, Hill is a solid, not spectacular prospect. He has a low ceiling but a decently high floor. He can be a Jared Dudley type of player with a few improvements. His tendency to improve in each of his college seasons is a promising sign. It is also a good sign that he's been willing to shift roles and positions during his time at Arizona. If he improves his perimeter skills and can become more of an isolation threat, he could really make an impact at the NBA level. He is probably worthy of a late second round pick, but not much higher.




Key Strengths:


·      Hill has improved in each of his seasons at Arizona, which shows that he constantly works on his game.


·      He has a crafty offensive game, nothing overwhelming, but he's solid.


·      His range has improved in all of his seasons, and he's become a decent three point shooter.


·      He rebounds well for his position.


·      Hill does solid work with his defensive positioning, which really helps him overcome his lack of athleticism


Areas to Improve:


·      He's not a great athlete; his lack of lateral quickness really hinders his chances at becoming a good NBA defender.


·      His pullup jumper needs a lot of work; his crafty moves to carve out space aren't as valuable if he can't hit the jumper.


·      He isn't very explosive and doesn't play far above the rim at all.