Grant Jerrett


Grant Jerrett


Arizona Wildcats                  Freshman                              Power Forward                      #33


6'10"               235 Pounds                            19 Years Old             From: La Verne, CA


5.2 PPG          3.6 RPG          0.5 APG          1.0 BPG          40.9 FG%       40.5 3P%


Overview: One of the more surprising early draft declarations of this year's draft cycle was Arizona freshman Grant Jerrett's decision to declare. Jerrett played just 17 minutes per game this season for Sean Miller's Wildcats club. Jerrett is a tall stretch power forward who is just one year removed from being one of the most coveted incoming recruits in the country. Some inconsistent play limited his minutes at Arizona and he seemed to get lost in the Wildcats' loaded front court. Jerrett is a prospect who will have multiple chances to improve his draft stock during workouts as he is an extremely good shooter for his size. That said, he never really dominated at Arizona which should give some scouts cause for concern.

Offensively Jerrett has a few tools that if honed and improved, can make him a very effective player even at the NBA level. First and foremost, he has a very nice jumpshot, with a high and quick release point. He has extremely deep range and should have no problem making open NBA three pointers next season. His presence will certainly draw his matchup away from the basket and open up the lane for his teammates to penetrate, which is invaluable. Jerrett likes holding the ball at the top of the key to help run a high post offense. While not a great ball handler, he has impressive moves for his size and can certainly make quicker, straight moves towards the hoop without losing the basketball. He also has good court vision, spots open teammates and doesn't hesitate to move the ball around to work the defense. He has a high basketball IQ and makes a lot of the smarter, simpler plays that NBA teams will certainly like. When he's in the post, his length and quickness make it relatively easy for him to get a shot off. That said, most of his shots in the post aren't predicated on getting him any closer to the basket. If he catches, he's likely to go up with a quick baby hook shot or even a fall away jumper rather than try to bully his way into the paint. He doesn't have the strongest frame and when he does attempt to post up, stronger matchups will be able to push him off the block, further away from the hoop. While he has nice touch with both hands, and nice footwork in the post, he needs more strength in order to establish a position closer to the basket. He isn't very assertive in either fighting for position or commanding the ball once he's in the post. Added bulk will help with both of those. His range helps though and he could be a solid pick and pop or pick and slip guy due to his ability to shoot the ball.

Defensively, he could be a real liability in the NBA. He will be called on to defend opposing team's players in the post and with his thin frame, he will really get pushed around there. As on offense where he loses the battle for territory in the post, on defense, he allows his matchup to get premium, deep position on the block. His long arms help him challenge shots but many offensive players find it effective just to seal him off or bully him. As a result, strong players have no real issue getting quality looks at the basket against him. He needs to show more consistent tenacity in trying to push his man away from the hoop rather than simply try and defend once he's conceded the space. He is a liability as well if he's called to defend away from the hoop. He stands way too upright in position and doesn't have ideal lateral quickness to keep wing players in front of him, if he's switched onto them. For this reason, he isn't a good pick and roll defender either; the opposing point guard typically has no problem exposing him on defense.  He's also hesitant to get physical and mix it up down low, which really helps to explain his low rebounding totals for his size. As with his offense, if he doesn't develop strength and a more aggressive demeanor, he will have no chance at holding his own at the next level.

Overall, Jerrett is a player who some team will take a chance on late in the second round. He has ideal height and great shooting range, which will make him an ideal candidate to be a Ryan Anderson-type stretch power forward. He is much more of a finesse player than a power player, which limits his ability to score around the hoop and certainly limits his defense. He doesn't like to get physical and that results in low rebounding totals for him. He has potential and as prospect projects go, he has a few legitimate skills that can be building blocks. Jerrett didn't really flourish in Arizona's crowded front court and probably realized that with more talent coming into Tucson, he may as well try to go pro before his minutes take a bigger hit. Added bulk will certainly help him and he has higher upside than a lot of other guys slated to go in the second round, which will likely help his draft stock as the draft nears.




Key Strengths:


·      For his height, Jerrett has a very good jumpshot; he hits a fair amount of three pointers.


·      He has good hands and a good touch, as well as good footwork around the hoop.


·      He can handle the ball a bit and is a willing passer. He is not an offensive liability around the hoop.


Areas to Improve:


·      While Jerrett isn't a bad help defender, he can be dominated on the ball, specifically in the post.


·      He doesn't rebound very well for his size because he doesn't aggressively hit the boards.


·      Defending on the wing is an issue for him because he stands way too upright when he closes out.