Carrick Felix

Carrick Felix

Arizona State Sun Devils Senior Shooting Guard/Small Forward #0

6'6" 197 Pounds 22 Years Old From: Goodyear, AZ

14.2 PPG 8.2 RPG 1.1 APG 1.5 SPG 49.7 FG% 36.7 3P%


Overview: Felix is an interesting player and has been a bit of a late bloomer since arriving at Arizona State three years after transferring in from junior college. Felix has a lot of the physical gifts that scouts look for especially when scouting defense. He made strides this year for the Sun Devils, making the All-Pac 12 Second Team as well as the conference's All Defensive Team. Felix is a solid, high effort, intelligent player who brings a few things to the table without taking many things off the table.


Offensively, Thomas has some positive attributes but is a bit unpolished. He does his best work cutting off of the ball and working off of screens. He plays with a high motor and his constant movement consistently makes the defenses react, which can help free up his teammates. He has a very nice power game in getting to the hoop and finishing around the rim and he is also beginning to develop a nicer finesse game with more touch around the hoop to continue to round out his offensive capabilities. Felix is developing a solid jumpshot which is evidenced by both his increased shooting percentage by 10 percentage points over his ASU career while shooting over 6 more shots per game than he did his first year with the Sun Devils. His three point percentage has climbed as well; he's improved from a 20% shooter to a 37% shooter behind the arc, which is helping him score. One aspect of his game he'll want to improve upon is his ability to create his own shot. Felix is decent as a spot up shooter but isn't really a threat in the isolation game. If he can improve upon his pull-up game, he'll be a lot more unstoppable. Additionally, while his athleticism can help him get to the hoop, he needs to develop a ball handling move or two in order to get to the rim more reliably. Felix is very good and effective at taking what the defense can give him on offense but doesn't have much success when it comes time to create his own shot or take over in the isolation. Also on offense, his dip in free throw shooting percentage from 74% last year to 64% this year is concerning, especially as he looks to become more aggressive around the hoop, where he'll undoubtedly draw more fouls and get to the line more often.


Defense is where Felix is really intriguing to scouts. He is strong, with good length and very good lateral quickness. This coupled with his high energy and high motor play make him a swarming on ball defender who also displays good focus when he's guarding his man off of the ball. While he has a tendency to stand upright in his stance a bit too often, he usually has the physical tools to cut his man off even if his stance gets him in initial trouble. A better stance, coupled with his physical attributes can make him a pure lock down defender. More often than not though, he is consistently between his man and the hoop, limiting his matchup's scoring capabilities. His strength allows him to fight through screens with relative ease and helps him stay with his man. These tools make him an ideal candidate to be a lockdown defender on the wing at the NBA level. Felix has made improvements each year as his fouls per 40 minutes have dropped in each of his last 2 seasons while his steals and blocks have risen each year over the time frame. This displays that he is not only an effective, physical defender, but is getting smarter about picking his spots and avoiding fouls. Felix is also a very good rebounder for his size. His explosiveness and positioning skills allowed him to pull down 8.2 rebounds per game this season. Up from 4 rebounds a contest last year in roughly the same amount of playing time, an amazing increase. 


Overall, Felix has been a bit of a late bloomer. He's old for his draft class, already 22 years old and he will be 23 by the time the next NBA season starts. That said, he's an intriguing prospect due in large part to his defensive capabilities and his potential. Even with some defensive stance issues, he has become a force defensively, blocking shots and stealing balls without fouling, which will be a huge asset at the next level. Offensively, he's a smart player who plays within his limitations and doesn't try and force many shots that he can't realistically make. However, he may never develop into a good offensive player. He's a fringe second round pick that could certainly find a niche, with some improvements, as a solid wing defensive player off the bench at the NBA level.


Key Strengths:

  • Felix has improved his offensive game every year he's been at Arizona State.
  • He is a high energy cutter on offense which creates openings both for himself and his teammates as he frees up space. He's similar to Jimmy Butler of the Bulls in this regard.
  • His three point jumper has gotten much better as his career has gone on.
  • He rebounds very well and isn't afraid to mix it up inside to try and grab a rebound.
  • He is a very good defender already and if he improves his stance on defense a little, he can be a great defender.

Areas to Improve:

  • Felix still isn't a great shot creator for himself. He can score a bit off the catch but struggles if forced to isolate.
  • He's a late bloomer and will be 23 by the time the next NBA season starts.
  • His free throw percentage decline is concerning.
  • Felix has a tendency to stand too upright at times when defending on the ball. Good NBA players will exploit that if it isn't fixed.