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      Guangdong Real Metal Co., Ltd., the high-tech enterprises, the state designated aerospace and military units welding materials suppliers. Founded in 1999, the company is headquartered in Songshan Lake High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, is the country's only state-level high-tech zones to enter the large-scale electronic tin solder manufacturer, registered capital of 22 million yuan, for the aerospace, military, civilian offer high quality welding materials. The company's main products are: Paste, tin powder, tin wire, tin, BGA solder ball, anode rod, flux, the red plastic and other electronic tin solder, the annual production capacity of more than 6000 tons.
       The company's existing staff of about 150 people, including college education accounted for 32.7%, 13.3% R & D personnel, senior engineer 5, 8 professional engineers, Assistant Engineer 7, long-term and Tsinghua University, Guangdong University of Technology, South China University University, Central South University, and other units to carry out academic exchanges. And the Guangzhou Institute of Nonferrous Metals, China - Ukraine Barton Welding Institute cooperative research and development, set up a 20 to lead Ph.D., graduate students and academic staff consisting of about R & D elite team, and the establishment of doctoral and master workstation and welding materials R & D Engineering Center. Application since 2006 dozens of patents, more than 10 patents for inventions, two patents license, the company's products with independent intellectual property rights, and achieved a good market and brand.
       The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, QC080000 hazardous substance process management system. Now China Electronics Materials Industry Association Board Unit, ITRI-IPC China Council Vice-solder technology units. 2008 joined China Electronics Materials Industry Association electronic tin solder materials Branch of China Electronic Components Industry Association capacitor branch. 2009 "National High-Tech Enterprise", "Guangdong Province, private technology enterprises", "Dongguan City, private technology enterprises," the honorary title, and in the same year in Dongguan City Association of standardized, high-tech enterprises in Dongguan City Association, Dongguan City, private technology Enterprises Association, "solid" brand to obtain trademark registration book. 2010 was "Dongguan patent nurturing enterprise", 2012 is eligible for the "three consecutive years, Guangdong Province Credible Enterprise" honorary title. 2011 was "patent pilot enterprises in Dongguan City," "global strategic partnership Fair," "Fair quality partner suppliers," the honorary title. 2013 was named the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "national industrial brand development business model," the same year was named the Guangdong Province and Dongguan City Enterprise Board, "Guangdong Province and Dongguan City, private enterprise innovation industrialization demonstration base." 2014 through the city, the provincial engineering technology research center, in 2015 made "Guangdong famous brand" honorary title.
       "Strengthening cooperation" (unite all forces, friendship and cooperation, solidarity and win-win situation) as the product's core values ​​is the focus of the real system and the business development strategy, to build a global welding industry is the first brand in China long-term development strategy, In order to ensure achievement of objectives, planning and conduct of the brand strategy, brand positioning, brand design, product development and technological innovation, brand communication, brand extension and renewal, brand reputation and risk management, brand protection, brand-building to enhance the culture "in the real "brand comprehensive ability to achieve business following the business forever.
       Companies in the technology works for the purpose, adhere to the elite talent, standardized management, quality standardization of philosophy; the development and promotion of environmentally friendly products in order to protect the human environment for the mission; in the continuous path of development, adhere to the innovative spirit, the pursuit of excellence, create shared, return to the community spirit of the enterprise; welding materials of becoming the industry leader, to create an international brand companies, corporate vision for the aerospace industry and services, and provide first-class products and first-class service.