Dee Bost

PG Mississippi State 6'2" 170 lbs 10/12/89

Watch any Mississippi State game, and within minutes, Dee Bost will usually do something so electrifying that makes one believe he's one of the best players in the country. However, minutes later, he's just as likely to have made enough mistakes to make you wonder how his coach still has any hair left. It's this combination of tantalizing potential mixed with frustrating results that has made Dee Bost somewhat of an enigma heading into the 2012 NBA Draft.


There's not much Bost lacks in terms of elite point guard talent. Incredibly quick, with the ability to split defenders, and deep range make his game easily transferrable from a pick and roll standpoint. He has a nice crossover and can stop on a dime; change of direction and pace enable him to keep defenders on a string and penetrate with ease. An underrated tribute to his game is the fact that he's constantly surveying the defense, keeping his head up even when driving hard. This, combined with his occasionally jaw-dropping passing skills create countless open shot opportunities for teammates. But a senior with his kind of vision and playmaking ability shouldn't be piling up 15 turnovers over a three-game stretch, and at times, Bost's decision-making can be bad enough to completely blow the game for his team. Occasionally, Bost can get on a roll from deep, but the reality of his percentage from outside (a very average .345) make it hard to justify his sky-high 6.6 3-point attempts per game (Bost attempted at least eight 3's nine different times this past season). When he's desperately heat-seeking from outside, it's usually at the expense of looking for other options on offense, so those misses become just like turnovers. One has to wonder if the underlying reason for this is because he lacks confidence in his mid-range game, as he shot just 45% on two-pointers as a senior. When he does get all the way to the cup, he finishes well for his size and gets to the line a lot.


Some of Bost's most exciting plays start at the defensive end, where he definitely has the anticipation and quick hands to jump passing lanes. However, his 2.0 spg as a senior still weren't enough to get him onto the SEC All-Defensive team because he's such a below-average team defender. At times, the effort just isn't there when it comes to closing out on shooters, and he doesn't manage his away around screens well at all. Like most of the rest of Bost's game, his defense is high-risk high-reward, and that also pretty much sums up his draft prospects.


Bost will probably benefit from the non-game aspect of the pre-draft circuit, since it might cause scouts to temporarily forget about all the hyperactive mistakes he seems to make in games. Combine that with the fact that the NBA is becoming more of a point guard's league, and it seems like a good bet that Dee Bost becomes worth the risk for some team in the 2nd Round.


Rank                  75th Overall (12th PG)

Projection           Undrafted

Strengths           NBA Athleticism

                         Offensively diverse

                         One-on-one defender

Weaknesses      Inconsistency

                         Scoring Efficiency