Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond C UConn 6'11 251 lbs 8/10/93


Drummond is the most intriguing center prospect since Greg Oden and unfortunately just as with Oden there are questions about Drummond’s commitment to basketball. Drummond arrived at Connecticut in August after deciding to attend college rather than prep school. As a prospect Drummond looks ready to play NBA minutes. Drummond is a strong player in the low post on offense and defense.

Offensively, Drummond scores mostly in the post but has a nice repertoire. Drummond has a very soft hook shot and appears comfortable with either hand. Drummond has range out to 15’. In the post Drummond has very good hands and is aggressive attacking the rim. Drummond has enough strength to back down opponents.

Defensively, Drummond is a good shot blocker and rebounder. Drummond biggest issues on defense are related to concentration and desire. Drummond when motivated will not be backed down and can take away drives but has frequent lapses.

Make no mistake, Drummond is elite but doesn’t always produce like an elite prospect. Either way NBA GMs will be happy to come away with a center of Drummond’s caliber. If properly motivated Drummond can be a special center in the NBA for many years.

Rank 2nd Overall (1st C)
Projection Top 3
Strengths NBA body
Long and athletic
Good rebounder and shot blocker
Great passer with good vision
Weaknesses Poor FT shooter
Passion for the game